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Tous nos projets, en ingénierie et concernant l'application XSED supervision et maintenance.

All projects
  • Aseptic bottling line 24000bph (full line)

  • Robotic palletizing system 80 pallets/h

  • Egg products production (2T/H)

  • Chemical unit (3x25T/H)

  • Production of osmosis water (2x40 m3/H)

  • Production of pharmaceutical WFI (5 m3/H)

  • Definition of single use pharmaceutical process

  • Complete pharmaceutical syrup manufacturing unit

  • P3 lab installation

  • Special ISO 5 cleanroom robots

  • Laboratories (biotechnologies)

  • Bottling lines (beverage)

  • Sirup unit (pharmacy)

  • Poultry slaughter chain (food)