These are clip on sensors with wireless communication (Wi-Fi, 4G), which measure and monitor equipment operation in real time by using probes. Claps are non-intrusive, and their installation doesn't require any additional hardware.

Claps can be installed on used or new equipment in 'plug & play' mode. They comply with industrial requirements and are available in an IP65 waterproof version.

All sensor data is transmitted to our XSED platform, which centralizes all the data, analyzes and displays it in a simple and aggregated way in accordance with the desired parameters.

Our Cl@ps can be interfaced with our XSED® software.

Field of ​​activity: All industries, except explosive atmospheres (non EEX).



Several types of probes can be associated with Claps



Power toroids

Count Optical cellsAnalog / Digital probes

E function 

C function

Claps A

We are able to measure the operating state of a machine by clipping this sensor around its power cable and not on one of the phases.

This sensor can count the passage of objects or people up to 90,000 per hour.

All physical measurements : Temperature, pH, Oxygen, Pressure, Level, Flow, Weight, Force, Humidity, Luminosity, etc …




Use cases


  • Claps E for monitoring On/Off modes with alarms including power cuts and monitoring of operating times to program preventive maintenance: packaging machines, sterilization autoclaves, hoist loads, cold units, ovens, air central processing unit.
  • Claps C to count products and calculate production yields : Packaging lines.
  • Claps A to monitor minimum / maximum threshold alamrs : on industrial processes, fish farming, smart buildings.