® is the traceability solution developed by XPERTECH for its industrial customers.

Its purpose is to allow a manufacturer/industrial to create a direct link with consumers, to determine their level of satisfaction and to interact with them.

The solution is shipped turnkey, XPERTECH's team intervenes on the production site to facilitate the generation of unique codes on each product (QR Codes, NFC Tags, etc.). Generation can be integrated into a manufacturing process or carried out outside depending on the customer’s organization.

The software allows the manufacturer to access several functions to better communicate with the customer and to launch Marketing operations (Tombola, Promotion, Games, etc…) that encourage the consumer to use the QR code and participate in the operation.



 what are the benefits ?

The manufacturer has important data on the consumption of its products and on customer satisfaction. Data are processed by the Net-TAG® platform thanks to the Big Data infrastructures set up by the XPERTECH experts.


® ’s functions  


Manage product recalls and inform consumers about a product defect in real-time.

Transform the product into a connected object thanks to access to an interactive manual (dose calculation and reminder for the pharmaceutical sector), instructions for use, calculation of expiry dates for the closed or open product (XPERTECH patent), product videos.

Dematerialized couponing and tombolas for consummers.


Complete serialization of products, cardboard boxes and pallets so that distributor zones can be managed. 

Anti-counterfeiting with the integration of blockchain.