About Us


XPERTECH is a startup in the world of Industry 4.0 (Industry of the Future) and IIOT (Industrial Internet Of Things). It provides manufacturers with the means to enter the era of digital transformation.

XPERTECH’s team develops hardware (connected objects) and software solutions suite that improve industrial equipment supervision and increase production lines performance.

With a quick and easy installation, we guarantee non-intrusive connected objects that can be installed on both existing and new equipment.

With a team of engineers and computer scientists specialized for more than 15 years in industrial processes, mechatronics and digital, we provide answers to the needs of our customers in the following areas :





Plug & Play supervision solution for any electrical equipment or physical sensor in a non-intrusive way

Performance Management

Production Unit performance measurement, corrective and preventive maintenance schedule

Remote       Assistance

Give your field technicians a modern technical remote assistance



Identify, track your products with our serialization solution and interact with the end consumer : it's connected packaging!



Transform every industrial equipment into connected object

 Bring factories into digital era

Increase production line quality and performance

Bring manufacturers closer to final consumer