XGLASS® is a complete solution for managing remote maintenance.

The glasses allow the maintenance agents to have their hands free when carrying out procedures, thanks to voice control which is integrated into the firmware of the glasses.

The maintenance teams are equipped with our connected glasses allowing them:

  • Remote access to documentation, videos and tutorials about the equipment they need to work on.
  • To call experts and interact with them via the video conference platform directly accessible from the glasses.
  • To record their procedures directly and publish them on a platform so that they can be shared within the company.


XGLASS® solution is available on a rugged tablet equipped with "XSED mobile" android software.






Touch pad
Integrated HD camera

- 6h battery life
- Android OS






Use Cases 

  • After-sales service can intervene remotely to accompany on site technicians.
  • Use of Video tutorials for troubleshooting assistance
  • Enrichment of a training platform by recording servicing carried out in the field