Xsed - Software suite

XSED® is a software suite that gives our industrial customers the ability to access data from their production lines 24/7 from PCs, tablets or mobiles.

XSED® in association with our Claps® can monitor your production units state in real time, detect and alert on equipment malfunctions. Using the platform gives you real-time access, wherever you are, on the status and performance of your production.

The generated data helps you quickly build reporting data and anticipate production quality issues.

Beyond this monitoring, all equipment and production data are stored in our cloud. These data are analyzed a posteriori to adapt the preventive maintenance plans to the reality of the field.



The XSED® platform is hosted in the cloud on secure servers ISO27001 (permanent encrypted backup on dual server) and delivered in SaaS mode.

XSED Main Functions





Events History

Transfer equipment and production data in real time. With the addition of our Cl@ps, XSED® can supervise the production lines in a non-intrusive way. No impact on production units.

Equipment sheet, spare parts and associated consumables. Documents (notices, electrical diagrams, parameter sheets), cycle time record.                           

Preventive and predictive maintenance. Recording of operating cycles thanks to Cl@ps E and generation of maintenance schedules.                       

Equipment logbook and periodic monitoring data storage function.                                                                                                                                                                             .



Use Cases


  • Bottles filling lines : TRS calculation and equipment maintenance optimization.
  • Laboratory Equipment Management : Equipment utilization rate, equipment planning management, Preventive and Predictive Maintenance Management.